Do I need to go to Kuve’s clinic to see her or does she do online sessions?

Kuve has clients from all over the world and provides sessions remotely via video Zoom.

If you are in the Gold Coast area you can see Kuve at her clinic, by appointment only, to book click here.

How do I book a session?

Message Kuve through the Contact page and she will get back to you to arrange an appointment.

What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a technique identifies and releases Trapped Emotions from your body. These can be harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped Emotions can cause sadness, anxiousness and can block people from feeling love and happiness, which can also make them feel disconnected from others. Because Trapped Emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause acute soreness and even more serious issues. Releasing Trapped Emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal, so physically and emotional difficulties often disappear or become manageable.

Can Kuve help me to get pregnant?

Kuve helps your body release emotions and stress that could be affecting your chances to get pregnant. Her process brings peace, harmony and balance to your mind and body. This could enhance your chances of becoming pregnant.

Contact her for more information by clicking here or call her on +61 434 005 205.

Can I see Kuve if I am pregnant?
Yes you can. In fact it is highly recommended. Releasing trapped emotions that you may have also releases them from your unborn child. It is a very gentle way to prepare for giving birth.
Are energy treatments safe with medication?
Yes they are. They do not interfere with any conventional medical treatments. These are complementary techniques.
Does energy work hurt?
Energy work is very gentle and does not hurt. As you are processing your emotions you may find that you are emotional and you may cry, but this is part of the healing  and releasing process. This is great, because it means the treatment is working. However, you can feel lighter, centered, focused and emotionally free.
Can Animals benefit from energy treatments?
Yes, animals respond really well. They may not speak however you notice it straight away in their behaviours. Stress and separation anxiety from their owners are the two main causes that they suffer from. All my work with animals is conducted via proxy. You can see the symptoms that Kuve has helped animals with by clicking here.
How do I say Kuve's name?

Kuve’s name is pronounced Koo-Vee.

Will I be fully clothed for the sessions?
Yes you are. The sessions are non-invasive. Kuve does not need to place her hands on you treat you.
Should I stop seeing my doctor when working with Kuve? NO!
No! Kuve’s therapies are complementary to and not a replacement of other medical support you may be receiving. Medical decisions should be made in consultation with your medical practitioner.
Can children be helped with these energy treatments?
Absolutely. There are several testimonials on Kuve’s Reviews page by parents. Kuve’s techniques are non-invasive and she can work on your child by proxy. You can see the symptoms she has helped children with by clicking here.

Client Reviews

“Kuve released over 28 different emotions that I was carrying around…
Only 8 of them released belonged to me and my life…
70% released belonged to my anscestors.
They were in my DNA. Thank you Kuve.

–  Karen, Gold Coast, QLD

Client Reviews

“Fear will be removed, obstacles will disappear from your path and
you will beable tostep into life and fullness of joy.”

– Amanda, Sydney, NSW

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