Releasing Intergenerational Trauma from your DNA

Effective and powerful fusion of energetic services including The Emotion Code, Hypnosis, Reiki & Seichim.

Anxiety, Stress and other Emotional Conditions

Energy Therapies to help with root causes of emotional blocks.

Working with Adults and Children

Help to release emotional, physical, and energetic blocks or trauma.

Abundance Blocks

Helping you have a better relationship with money and your self-worth.

Face-to-face or Convenient Remote Sessions

Offering online and proxy services. Allowing you access to treatments regardless of location and time constraints.

Pregnancy Help; Non-invasive

Aiding couples with fertility issues to get pregnant without medical intervention.

Qualified Member of The International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Multiple certifications and ongoing professional development.

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Client Reviews

“Today’s experience with my son Benny after his last emotion code releases.
I could see he was so happy today and we have been sitting in the car driving. 
I didn’t ask him anything.
Suddenly he said, “Mummy I feel much better now, I can finally talk”

–  Lucia, Sydney, NSW

Client Reviews

“Was just blown away by my session with Kuve who worked on me this morning
to release emotions I was carrying from my ancestors with her modality – The Emotion Code.
This modality is so fascinating.
She released terror, worthlessness, shock, trauma,betrayal and much more.
You owe it to yourself to connect with Kuve and ask her for some information.
She works with clients all over the world. If you are not functioning at 100% you deserve to.
Reach out and connect with Kuve.”

– Melissa, Kingscliff, NSW