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Throughout my treatment, I could always ask her any questions and she was easy to talk to with re-assuring answers. The outcome of my depression was with positive results. Kuve was the person I had always been looking for.


Clear Island Waters, QLD

 Suffered with Panic Attacks

I had intense fear for a very long time.  After my Emotion Code sessions the panic had just melted away. I feel more inflow when I do new activities by myself or with my girls.  I feel a lot calmer and I am feeling lighter and clearer.
Thank you Kuve and The Emotion Code.


New South Wales

Was just blown away by my session with Kuve who worked on me this morning to release emotions I was carrying from my ancestors with her modality – The Emotion Code. She released terror, worthlessness, shock, trauma, betrayal and much more, none of which were my emotions but stored in my DNA from my ancestors. If you are not functioning at 100% you deserve to. Reach out and connect with Kuve.

Kingscliff, NSW

Our son doesn’t need the dummy anymore

Our son doesn’t need the dummy anymore. I can’t even describe how happy and relieved I am. It has now been a few weeks.
Thank you thank you thank you million times.


Sydney, NSW

Today’s experience with my son Benny after his last emotion code releases. I could see he was so happy today and we have been sitting in the car driving.  I didn’t ask him anything.
Suddenly he said, “Mummy I feel much better now, I can finally talk”
Thank you so much.

Sydney, NSW

3 – year old son expressing his frustration violently

I turned to Kuve and The Emotion Code when my 3-year old was expressing his frustration violently.  I found the process gentle and saw quick results….I am still in awe that emotions passed on from 18 generations back were cleared.
Thank you Kuve and The Emotion Code.


Gold Coast, QLD

The Heart-Wall & clearing blocked emotions

My journey with Kuve started in January 2015 and it is a relationship that to this day is still flowing wonderfully. I came to find Kuve through a movie documentary called E-Motion (an incredible documentary). There is a doctor featured who specialises in Emotion Code Therapy, which caught my attention immediately. I was then on the hunt to find a local practitioner who was trained in this style of holistic therapy.
From the beginning of reaching out to Kuve, I found her to be so helpful when answering my questions relating to my inquiry as this was a very new type of treatment I was seeking. My first session identified (via proxy) what we were actually dealing with and where the focus needed to be. I had to be very open to the work and information and Kuve definitely helped with this. I knew from my first session that this was going to be special as I could actually feel a sensation in my body and the results were very eye opening.
We have worked on my heart wall and clearing any blocked emotions over the last year and a half. It is also very comforting knowing that Kuve checks in on me every couple of months to ensure my spiritual and emotional situation is OK. Apart from healing me in the present, Kuve has also worked extensively to clear any generational emotions which present themselves in our sessions, so the healing has been for my family as well. Sometimes when I receive communication from Kuve, she definitely is in sync with situations that are currently occurring and offering little extra pieces of advice to help move something along. Her care and loving nature are so very appreciated and feel that I will continue to call on her when I need guidance and help. She has opened my eyes to a whole new world and I thank her for that.
Thank you Kuve.

Sydney, NSW

Karen shares her experience with Releasing Weighty Emotions that did not belong to her.

I highly recommend Kuve

Kuve has a beautiful presence and is very gifted with her work. Her gracious persona and her dedication to her cause is to be commended.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to any person who is searching for something that has results in a way that nothing else seems to come near.

Gold Coast, QLD

Releasing ancestral trauma from DNA

Was just blown away by my session with Kuve who worked on me this morning to release emotions I was carrying from my ancestors with her modality – The Emotion Code. This modality is so fascinating. She released terror, worthlessness, shock, trauma, betrayal and much more.   None of which were my emotions but stored in my DNA from my ancestors.
I had my chakras balanced and a healing with all the angles present. I did this for me but also for my children and future generations to come. Some conditions aren’t caused from actions and events in the present time.
You owe it to yourself to connect with Kuve and ask her for some information. She works with clients all over the world. If you are not functioning at 100% you deserve to. Reach out and connect with Kuve.

Kingscliff, NSW

Improved absorption of nutrients

The work Kuve and I did together was transformational. I felt an improvement following each session and am grateful to have released so many trapped emotions and healed my body. One of the key things we addressed was my body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  After only 3 sessions we increased my absorption rate from 40% to 100%.  I have more energy, vitality and my health back. Thank you Kuve.

Gold Coast, QLD

Heart Wall

When Kuve talked about her work my soul resonated with her words. I knew instantly that I wanted to follow my intuition and work with her on my Heart Wall.

Kuve has a beautiful presence and is very gifted with her work. Her gracious persona and her dedication to her cause is to be commended.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to any person who is searching for something that has results in a way that nothing else seems to come near.

Gold Coast, QLD

Feeling 100% more confident about life

I have been consulting with Kuve for some time and she has enabled me to gain clarity as to the benefits when working with The Emotion Code.

Kuve has helped to identify and release emotions relating to previous generations that have been weighing me down.  As a result I have been able to gain energy to proceed with my life in a much more positive outlook.

I encourage anyone who has issues in their life no matter what they may be that are holding them back to have an open mind and give The Emotion Code a go to help them as it helped me.

Thank you Kuve and The Emotion Code because I now feel 100% more confident as I face my future.

Gold Coast, QLD

The Emotion Code Book

Kuve I told my mum about you and even bought her The Emotion Code book. 

She loovvveesss it and is sharing it round the retirement village. 

Also gave some links to my brother, and he wrote back a few days later, saying his daughter who had just arrived in India had a raging fever and raw throat.  That night he did the Emotion Code on her.  She wrote back the next morning and said it had simply left her and she was fine.

Sydney, NSW

Releasing generational issues holding me back

I recently had an Emotion Code Healing session with Kuve and was blown away by how this process works.

Emotion Code brings in a way of healing generational trauma that would otherwise not be accessible through traditional therapies. Kuve is so kind and personable it’s easy to feel comfortable with her, plus she is such a gifted intuitive! She really helped me to identify and put these core wounds in perspective, which in this way, allowed for some release. Sometimes, our greatest blocks, didn’t even start with us, but are within our genetic coding. During our sessions Kuve walked me through some of these issues that had been holding me back, and I am very grateful! Thank you.

Los Angeles, USA

Kuve helped 3-yr old child release feelings of anger & aggression

Releasing emotions from my body

I read Dr. Brad Nelson’s book ‘The Emotion Code’ and contacted Kuve via phone with questions. We immediately connected, she was so kind and loving and educated and knowledgeable and willing to answer as many questions as I had just over the phone for free. We then started the healings and SO MUCH came up, it was incredible, we released all the emotions that had created my big Heart Wall and now I am free.

I was and still am astounded by how spot on she is with everything. I will be experiencing something and not even discuss it with her and she taps into my body and finds exactly what is going on and heals it.

She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I work with many different types of health professionals and she is definitely the most trustworthy.

I loved her warm smile and loving heart.

I feel you can work with Kuve on anything at all. Health, wealth, finances, love, relationships etc.

Any issue or challenges you may be facing in your life, Kuve can help in more ways than one.


New South Wales

Releasing depression & anxiety

I had been searching for over 25 years to free myself from issues like low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and fears. I had tried many therapies, such as psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, EMDR, EFT and hypnosis.  Some helped for a while others not at all.  In December 2017,
I found Kuve.  A session with her is completely different to any other I have had.  She has a holistic approach and in a few sessions we cleared issues that I had been stuck with for years!
Kuve’s work is very powerful as she gets to the root cause of the problem not just the symptoms like so many other therapies.  I  love that it feels like a load has been lifted  after each session.  I would highly recommend Kuve to anyone who has issues that are preventing them from living to their full capacity.  You will feel released and truly healed from any emotional baggage.

Gold Coast, QLD

5-Years after releasing the Heart Wall

I would like to say that my life path journey for the past five years has been transformed from being involved with The Emotion Code release from this gifted practitioner Kuve Jansky Bradley after my heart wall release.
My life path has been one of a deeper Spiritual connection to myself allowing me to deal with blockages that cause my vibrational level to be low.  As I consider and look back at how far I have come from that transition time and feel very blessed that I had my heart wall dealt with and released by Kuve.
Her gift as an energy healer is a special tool that she uses in a transformative way.  I can highly recommend this sensitive and grounded Energy worker to deal with your heart wall as I did.
Thank you Kuve for the life changing energy work.

Gold Coast, QLD

The Emotion Code

It is funny when you ask for help and you get the answer from the universe in the form of a deep evolving healing process with amazing results.

The Emotion Code came to me at a very traumatic time in my life, it presented itself to me and I jumped in with both feet knowing that this is what I needed to do, work on myself and let go of old unused emotions that I no longer needed in my life and were holding me back.  Now that I am feeling the effect on me in my life I am loving it.

The process was made easy with my gifted healer Kuve.  We had one face to face Skype session she needed a few personal details and then I gave her permission to work on me remotely.  I would receive a weekly update of what transpired during ther emotion code session.  I found it very interesting when the age and the emotions attached to that time was revealed I could relate to a particular event in my life that happened, when the emotion wasn’t mine they were my parents or beyond.  As a child I always felt that many issue weren’t mine because they did not matter to me and I could not relate to them, they had been passed onto me by my ancestors it all makes sense now.  During the process Kuve was able to release the emotions from them and myself.

While I just moved into my new flat unpacking and deep into settling in and making it my new little home, I was halted in the hall way with a very strange sensation in my chest it felt like a tight bandage being released from my chest I thought I was going to have a heart attack but the pain did not come, I stopped looked at the time and went on unpacking.  In my weekly report from Kuve I could see she had been working on my heart wall at the same time I had felt the release.  Now that Kuve completed my sessions to release my heart wall, I feel the difference from the inside.

The Emotion Code has been a gift from the universe for me to develop my own self-awareness and growth from within and letting go with the help of Kuve my life is full of love light and laughter.

Thank you from the heart that sings now.

Gold Coast, QLD


Kuve is grateful to her wonderful client’s who have recommended her and/or taken the time to write or record a review.
Releasing emotions and dealing with emotional trauma is of a very personal nature. Where requested she has omitted the client’s surnames and personal details for their privacy.

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