Releasing intergenerational trauma and patterns from your DNA

Welcome to my website.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and this is why you have found your way here.

Feel free to contact me and let’s talk about how I can help you with your physical or emotional concerns and questions.

I’m Kuve, a Natural Therapist on a mission to help you, by combining innovative
 natural therapies for wellness and fertility, supporting you to find peace, harmony and balance in your mind and body.

I started working with natural therapies in San Francisco nearly 30 years ago. I am an Internationally known natural therapist, and I now consultant and reside on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.

I am originally from Prague and my real name is Kvetuse. In true Australian style, to make it easier my classmates shortened it to Kuve. You pronounce it Koo-vee.

I found my purpose because of a personal desire to heal aspects of my life. I know first-hand how revitalised and burden free you can feel when you release and let go of that which no longer serves you.

The work I do is unique and innovative. By using a powerful fusion of natural energetic healing, emotional release techniques, and hypnotherapy practices that focus on wellness, I developed a holistic approach that assists me in dealing with very sensitive issues. I work with clients from all over the world and feel blessed to be part of their healing journey. I take their trust in me very seriously.

My natural therapy client’s describe me as a gifted practitioner, reassuring, understanding, caring and say that I have a loving nature. Clients also say that the work we have done together is powerful, transformational, unlike anything else, and that they were blown away.

I am very passionate and dedicated to providing you with the best outcomes. In order to be at my best for you, I am constantly expanding my professional and personal development.

My work is non-invasive, and there are two key areas that are the core of my work.

  • Helping you release past and present emotional trauma’s
  • Increasing your chances of naturally falling pregnant through my signature program Calm Conception.

Click here to find out more about the Calm Conception Program or The Emotion Code.

Cert. Emotion Code Practitioner

Cert. Self Hypnosis

Cert. Clinical Hypnotist

Cert. Usui Method of Natural Healing
Reiki 1

Cert. Usui Method of Natural Healing
Reiki 2

Cert. Usui Method of Natural Healing
Reiki Master

Cert. Usui Method of Natural Healing
Reiki Master Teacher

Cert. Life & Energy Alignment
Cert. Seichim Level 1
Cert. Seichim Master Teacher
Cert. Crystal Light Healing Level 1

Client Reviews

“Heart trauma releaseis life changing and I will be forever grateful that
God brought me to Kuve andthis wonderful work.

–  Amanda, Sydney, NSW

Client Reviews

“I had been suffering with depression on and off for quite some time.
I was fascinating to find out as to how and where the depression came from.
The outcome of my depression was with positive results.

– Jeanne, Clear Island Waters, QLD